Dear Newly Single People

This will be tough for you – especially once the holidays arrive. You’re used to family traditions and get togethers with your ex and their family. It’s going to hit you a bit harder closer to Christmas and New Years. You have got this, though. You are in this position for a reason, even if you don’t want to believe it right now. You will become stronger out of it. Try doing something around the holidays that you used to do with said ex, maybe it will make you feel gratified and empowered to do it independently. Maybe it can help you heal. Walk your dog that morning, volunteer at a local shelter. Donate their sweaters to a youth centre. Call your friends and tell them you appreciate them, or be vulnerable and say you might need them to lean in a little harder in your life this time of year. You. Have. Got. This. These feelings will be necessary, perhaps inevitable. But your emotions are not weakness. Sending you love,


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