Lisa’s Top 7 Pharmacy Songs That Absolutely Slap

Every time you head to the pharmacy, you’ve most likely heard one of these songs playing through out the speakers. Although the lighting is harsh and there’s always someone coughing – you can at least rock out to their kickass playlist lol

Top 7 pharmaceutical tracks 

7) Bad Day by Daniel Powter. YES, I DID have a bad day! That’s why i’m here buying bath salts and an overpriced lipstick that i’ll probably lose within the week  

6) Hoobastank- The Reason. Then you forget the reason you’re there because you’re too busy singing along to this Christian Jam

5) Amy Grant – Baby Baby. The song you hear when you’re sniffing the different soap scents deciding which one you want for the main floor bathroom (go with the one on sale)

4) Michael Jackson- The Girl Is Mine. You usually hear this one when you’re grooving in the lubrication aisle 

3) Enya – Only Time. When you’re waiting a long time for your medication. Why does it take so long for them to print our names off and put it on the label and then put the meds in our hands? Oh well, who cares. This song rules!

2) Kelly Clarkson – Moment Like This. Usually this one plays when you’re hunting down the expired chocolates on sale after the Holidays 

1) James Blunt- You’re Beautiful. I’m sure all of you sure feel beautiful while this song is cranked as you stand there choosing which high processed food to take home for breakfast that week in your sloppy uggs, greasy top bun and stained beer box t shirt.


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