Paint The Town Peach? : 2024’s Reigning Color, ‘Peach Fuzz’!

Brace yourselves for the breaking news! Although I can’t stand the fuzzy peach gummies, I may be able to get on board with this.

The Pantone Color Institute just unleashed their showstopper shade stealing the Spotlight in 2024! “Peach Fuzz” is the king of colors for 2024. According to the wizards at Pantene—oops, I mean Pantone—this fruity hue is like a zen garden for your eyeballs, radiating peace and serenity. Because, you know, apparently, we’re all drowning in life’s chaos and need a color to cuddle us back to sanity.

And hold onto your seats, because the Pantene, I mean, Pantone team, doesn’t just pick colors over a round of pin the tail on the trendy donkey. No sir! They delve into high-fashion runways, peek at interior design trends, dissect pop culture, and yes, even take a peek into our minds to unveil this color prophecy. Talk about dedication! (Can we get a round of applause?)

Phew! I can finally spare my fingernails from extinction due to anticipation. Who knew a color could be this much of a life-saver? Pantone, you’re the real MVPs!

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