The Hilarious Overlap Between Christmas and… Other Festivities”

  1. “Are you going to wrap that?” Well, it could be a present or…
  2. “Let me pinch those cheeks.” Talking about rosy cheeks, right? Or… not?
  3. “Larry down the street got the same thing and he was happy.” Classic comparison, whether it’s gifts or, um, experiences.
  4. “It needs batteries.” Essential for gadgets or… other toys.
  5. “I don’t think I can do this sober.” Sometimes eggnog or a glass of wine is just necessary, right?
  6. “Oh my God! You came!” Some get really excited when Santa comes!
  7. “You’ve been a naughty girl…” Alright, folks, let’s keep it PG-13. Could be a line from a Beyoncé song.
  8. “This is the only time I ever think about Mariah Carey.” Hey, her music is everywhere during the holidays, right?
  9. “You want WHAT??” Surprise and disbelief, whether it’s about that wishlist or, well, something unexpected.
  10. “It’s Christmas and we are having… moments.” Well, folks, let’s keep it festive! Because nothing says ‘holiday spirit’ like, you know, festive moments.

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