Why Chatting With Your Pup This Way…Is Paw-sitively The Best Thing Ever!

Photo Credit: Lisa Evans (Stanley)

So, the other day, I stumbled upon a gem of advice from a psychologist for all you dog owners out there. Turns out, chatting it up with your canine companion has some perks! – and not just for Stanley! (Featured in the Photos).

First off, dogs love it when you engage in a little chit-chat with them. That sweet, high-pitched ‘baby-talk’ voice? Yep, they’re into it. You might already be in the know if you’ve witnessed Lisa Evans serenading her dog Stanley on the morning show or caught Ryder exchanging sweet nothings with Gordie. Guilty as charged, I’ve been known to throw in some sing-songy baby talk with my Daughters cat Poochie. And guess what? Turns out this “dog-directed” speech is the real VIP treatment for our furry friends.

Photo Credit: Lisa Evans (Stanley)

Research spills the beans that a dog’s brain reward center lights up more for their owner’s voice than some random person’s jabbering. Just hearing your dulcet tones can turn your pup’s day around. And, let’s be real, talking to your dog is a mood-booster for you too.

Now, if you’re boldly engaging in face-to-face convo with your pup while locking eyes, get ready for a double dose of warm fuzzies. This magical moment triggers a surge of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” Translation: you both feel like you’re on cloud nine.

Side note: When I had a dog, I spilled all my problems to her until she started understanding me. Poor thing – she had her paws full with my drama!

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