Lisa’s Top 7 Intelligent Birds For National Bird Day

If you have been listening to our show over the last 10 years – you know I love my bird facts. It’s my time to SHINE!

1. African Grey Parrot: known for their exceptional cognitive abilities. They understand and mimick human speech with advanced communication skills. They can also mimick other bird species, and even everyday noises like ringing phones or car alarms. They alsohave empathy and console other birds or humans when they are upset 

2 Pigeon: Pigeons have long been associated with intelligence. They possess excellent navigational skills, with the ability to find their way home over vast distances. Pigeons are also adept at learning and recognizing patterns. They were used in the military to  deliver news and even personal messages. During times of war, homing pigeons were used by armies to relay critical information

3.  Crow: specifically the New Caledonian Crows who are famous for their impressive tool-making skills. They fashion tools from sticks and leaves to extract insects from hidden locations, showing a high level of problem-solving intelligence. Crows also have impressive memory skills. They can remember complex routes and recognize individual faces. Not only will they recongize faces, if you piss one off they can be known to communicate other crows or even their offspring about you and generations of their family would hate you 

4. Kea: more so known in New Zealand, is highly intelligent and mischievous type of green parrot. They can open zippers and solve problems and are also known to be little brats, theyll purposely damage human items for fun. Unlike other birds that build nests in trees, they build theres on the ground which makes them more of a target for predators.

5. Goffin’s Cockatoo: Cockatoos are renowned for their problem-solving abilities. They can understand complex puzzles, use tools put out by humans like a full on mini tool set they use them like humans, and learn tasks through observation. They are also known for their playful and curious nature.  

6. Eurasian Jay: They have great memories, planning, and even the ability to exhibit theft. They store and remember thousands of hiding spots for food, often stealing and re-cashing food items unnoticed by other birds.  

7. Clark’s Nutcracker: Sometimes known as woodpecker crows: Clark’s Nutcrackers have exceptional memory skills. They remember the locations of thousands of hidden seeds, which they rely on to survive during harsh winters 

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