Things Millennial Parents Are Doing Wrong

After looking up this topic – we have compiled the top 5 things that experts claim millennial parents are doing that are potentially harmful to their children.

– Overdocumenting and sharing their life on the internet

Listener Jill who is a teacher wrote in saying “we actually had a “social media expert“ named Jo Wheeler come present to our kids and she said that a lot of kids actually don’t like that their parents over share on social media”

Maybe think twice before posting your child successfully completely their potty training LOL

2- Not knowing how to say no and being a bit too gentle

When your kids suggest McDonalds for dinner – a lot of millennial parents will say “great idea!” because with most families having both parents working full time, cooking can seem like a drag. Apparently it’s important to say “no” to things every once in a while in this life. Maybe next time just drop them off at home and go have parking lot private nuggets without them LOL.

3- Giving kids social media at too young of an age without knowing how dangerous it can be

Don’t get us wrong – as millennials we were way too young to be in the computer room unsupervised chatting up strangers in online chat rooms. ASL?

4- How they drop kids off at school

We got this text from listener ashley “Millennial parents are terrible for letting their kids out on the street in the mornings. Expecting traffic to Just Stop. Why can’t you let your kids out on the right side on the sidewalk?? Having your smaller kids standing on the roads beside them while getting more kids out of your vehicle….has everyone driving by scared. Keep your kids on the sidewalk and use the cross walks”

5- Being on your phone too much around toddlers

The still face experiment is a great example of how this is damaging. Here is the direct link. Now visualize the mom having a phone in her face instead of just having “still face”

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