Get the Classic BlackBerry ‘Click’ on Your iPhone!

Remember the days when BlackBerry ruled the smartphone scene? The iconic “click” of its physical keyboard was a sensation we all miss. But fear not, iPhone users, as a game-changing solution has just made its debut at the latest Consumer Electronics Show – introducing Clicks! This innovative case connects a classic BlackBerry-style keyboard to your iPhone, bringing back that nostalgic tactile experience.

Crafted by a team of tech wizards with backgrounds in major brands like Apple, BlackBerry, and Google, Clicks is not just a case; it’s a trip down memory lane. Now you can relive the glory days of effortless typing and that satisfying click sound with every press.

However, this blast from the past comes at a price. The ticket to nostalgia is set at US$139, but for those who yearn for the good ol’ days of BlackBerry sophistication, it’s a small price to pay. Here’s the link to buy me one!

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