Justin Timberlake Returns, and Details About New Album

The new Justin Timberlake single Selfish is out now! The first new music from Justin as a solo artist in six years. He released the song on January 15th. His new album, Everything I Thought It Was, is set for release on March 15th, 2024.

If you haven’t listened to Selfish yet, Check it out! Watch the music video below.

What do you think?!

Personally, I was expecting him to come out with a classic bop banger! Something you can dance to, but this one is… fine. It’s okay. A little slower and low tempo than I expecting. But, I feel like you can’t completely base the whole vibe of the album off the first single, so I’m very excited to see what the rest of the new album has to offer!

Fingers crossed it’s good… PLEASE

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