Netflix Strikes Again…

An update to my fellow couch potatoes and binge-watching lovers! Netflix has thrown us a curveball that we… definitely saw coming.

As you might know, they quietly decided to discontinue their basic $9.99 ad-free plan June 2023. Now, They’ve decided to make the move of saying goodbye to their basic $9.99 ad-free plan for good. If you still use it, you will no longer be able to maintain it. It’s like a breakup we saw coming, but still leaves us wondering what went wrong. Was it something we said? Did we not spend enough quality time together?!

Perhaps, now they will bring us more exclusive content, mind-boggling interactive shows, or even the ability to enter the TV screen and join our favorite characters on their adventures! Okay, maybe that last one is a stretch, but hey, a girl can dream!

What does this mean for us now? We can still choose between the options below, and if you were using the basic plan, you’ll have to upgrade!

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