McRib is Back! – New Taste Tuesday

IT’S HERE! After 10 years, McDonald’s has finally listened to us and brought back the McRib.

I can’t believe they picked the most perfect day to bring it back…a Tuesday… NEW TASTE TUESDAY!! YAY

Now, I will admit, I have tried the McRib before, but that was wayyyyy over 10 years ago. I can’t remember what it tasted like, or anything, I only remember my dad being obsessed with them.

I think it deserves a re-do! A new opinion to something I don’t remember is allowed and I will say… it wasn’t too shabby. I don’t think it tops my classic, go-to Chicken McNuggets with honey dip, but it’s a fun thing to try to switch things up. I don’t know if I just got to mine too late but it tasted a little cold and a little microwaved. It slightly reminds me of what those Hungry-Man Boneless Rib microwave TV dinners taste like. It’s for sure still good though! I mean, let’s be honest, is anything at McDonald’s truly bad?

I will definitely get it again before it’s gone though. I think it’s something to soak up while you can still order it straight to your house

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