Play Picks – Kierstyn’s Weekly Movie/ TV Show Recommendation: Anyone but You

Yes, the big game is happening this weekend, but Saturday is still a free day to sit back and relax!

My recommendation for you this week is still in theaters!! But, maybe it will be an excuse for you to go out on a date night with your partner, bestie, or straight up just treat yourself! That’s exactly what I did. I mean, I always love an excuse to go to a movie though. It’s a new romcom. Perfect for this time of year! I’ve just been hearing that it’s the best romcom to hit the big screen since the 2000s, and I think I agree! It has all the classic bad edits, sappy moments and predictable storyline.

I recommend going to see — Anyone but You.

A little bit about it, Bea and Ben’s initial attraction quickly turns sour though. They unexpectedly find themselves at a destination wedding in Australia so they pretend to be the perfect couple to not ruin the big day.

Personally, I thought it was really good!! It had some cute moments and many moments were I literally laughed out loud… I don’t remember the last time I did that at the movie theatre. I will admit, I WAS WATCHING AND PAYING ATTENTION, but I was also looking at Sydney Sweeney bangs more than anything else. Mostly just trying to think of how to make whatever she had going on happen with my own bangs. I did immediately take some scissors to my hair as soon as I got home. Should I have waited for my hairdresser mom? yes! Did I? No…she might have to do some fixing.

Overall, it made my laugh more than any movie I’ve seen recently, and you can never go wrong with a romcom. If you can, you should check it out! 

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