Cue “Love At First Sight” from Kylie Minogue!

Love at first sight: Real deal or just a silly notion? According to body language expert Judi James, it’s legit! She’s decoded the signs: watch out for ‘peek-a-boo’ behavior, where you can’t help but glance back. Plus, if you’re suddenly blushing, giggling, or finding it hard to breathe, congratulations, you might be in love! James even teamed up with opticians and audiologists to confirm it’s like hitting the emotional jackpot. Surprisingly, 70% believe in love at first sight, with 59% of those relationships still going strong. But hey, if shallow breathing and dry mouths are signs, I guess I fall in love with my boss every day! Love at first sight may be real, but it’s those second and third glances that really get us thinking, isn’t it?

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