Ryder and Lisa’s Vacation Recap

We went to Puerto Vallarta for a week with some friends and here are some of our favourite moments from the trip!

If you’re wanting a spot where it’s very relaxing and quiet – especially after 7pm LOL this is the spot for you! We stayed at Casa Velas which gives you access to a beach club and 2 other resorts – one that allows kids so has more of a loud, fun vibe around the pool and at night. The service was 24/7 and incredible – the food (especially around the pool during the day) was fantastic.

This was the main pool at the resort – very relaxing with great service. If you go you must tell Juan we say hi!!

This was the beach club access – such a gorgeous sunset spot

This was one of Ryder’s more tame outfits during our week away. lol. Check the coi fish in the background – they would swim right up and almost jump out of the water!!!

Here’s the beach in front of the Beach Club pool. The water was perfect

We thought the cold plunge pool would be a massive draw, but it kind of felt like you were bathing in front of people.

We LOVED this spot. The shrimp in Chipotle sauce was incredible.

We can’t remember the name of this spot – but it was DIRECTLY BESIDE Sticky Fingers (if you’re looking at the spot it was to the left) and they had the BEST RIBS EVER!!!!!!!!!! Ok – Ryder has found it. It’s called El Torito!! GET THE RIBS

Meet Liz. She is the most amazing human ever!! Everyone at the resort fell in love with her, naturally.

There was no warning about the amount of crocodiles on the golf course but apparently it’s known for it. We were surrounded by them and it was terrifying LOL

This was the first thing we ate when we arrived and the guac was addicting!


Here’s a better shot of the cold plunge pool!! We didn’t need it as it wasn’t very hot until the last 2 days of the trip. A cool concept!

Lisa drinking a rum punch at the Beach Club!!!

This one wasn’t as enjoyable, apparently. Whoops!

These were just waters, we think

We did a little karaoke, Ryder’s was mid

And if many years down the road we look back and remember anything from the trip, it will likely be these tacos and a whole bunch of laughs

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