New Taste Tuesday – NEW Old Dutch Flavors x4

Well this is fun!! Old Dutch released 4 new flavors… is this a dream? Old Dutch will forever and always be my go-to chips, especially popcorn twists and ketchup chips, so I’m ready to expand my horizons.

POPCORN TWISTS – SALTED TOFFEE: I’m going to need my boyfriend to hide these from me because I will actually eat them all in one go. Or maybe I’ll need to hide them from him LOL. They are the perfect combo of salty and sweet. It’s like slated caramel popcorn but almost reminds me of a churro. They instantly melt in your mouth. They’re perfect, perfect, perfect.

SPICY KETCHUP: Old Dutch Ketchup chips are weirdly so nostalgic to me. A box of Old Dutch ketchup chips were always a MUST for every beach trip. These are exactly that, with an extra spicy twist, and as a gal that loves anything spicy, this is everythinggg.

CHEESY PUFFCORN: It reminds me exactly of popcorn twists but it has a slight crunch to it! It’s a really good light, cheesy popcorn. If that’s your thing, you’ll love these.

RIDGIES EXTRA HONEY BBQ: I’m not really one for a BBQ chips but if I do get BBQ chips, I’m getting honey BBQ. It has a really good crunch! These might have actually changed my mind on BBQ chips. They are for sure a must try!

These are all in store now! Try them out for yourself. A little tip, add the Salted Toffee and Cheesy Puffcorn into a little bowl and bring it to any party. I think it would actually make you the most famous person. You’re welcome.

You can catch New Taste Tuesday with Kierstyn ( me <3) on any of the play socials!

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