Time Is Winding Down On The Better You Auction

Bidding wraps up on The Better You Auction at 7:00pm MT or 6:00pm CST! Because we have radio stations in both Saskatchewan and Alberta, you can bid on stuff from Edmonton to Yorkton!

I’m a big sports and recreation guy so I’ve been browsing through all the things in that category that include golf packages, bikes, a pickleball set and a bunch of other things! If you’re a sports and rec person as well, click here to treat yourself to something!

Are you set when it comes to sports and rec stuff!? If so, there are a bunch of different categories including a HOME category!! Since I’m a homeowner (and a mature adult now) I love browsing through home stuff. Do I like spending money on home stuff… absolutely not! I’m guessing you don’t either! That’s why this auction is great. You can get some great stuff for great value! Click here to spice up your house!

Have fun… and BID AWAY!!

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