If It’s Boeing, I’m Not Going

The Boeing 737 Max planes have been making a name for themselves and not in a good way.

After multiple emergency landings, a rolling off the runway incident and losing a door in the air – safety should be everyone’s main concern.

If you have to book a trip soon – you can give yourself some peace of mind by using a new website that makes sure you won’t be flying on one of these problem planes.

Alternateairlines.com lets your search for your trip and it will omit the airlines that use the 737s.

“If It’s Boeing, I’m not Going” is a sentiment across the internet – does it ring true for you? Or does the cost and layover time veto the aircraft?

Of course I booked flights the night before I found out about this site – here’s hoping I have nothing to worry about!

Safe Travels Everyone 🙂

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