Music Could Make You A Better Driver!

I think it’s a known fact that the Play playlist is just full of bangers after bangers. It’s so fun!! Well, some of the artists we play are Ariana Grande, Drake, Eminem and they could actually help you be a drive better. Who knew listening to play, and these artists could help with that.

New research has found that listening to Ariana, Drake, Eminem, Billie Eilish, Beyoncé and Harry Styles are at the top to make you a better driver. I guess how it goes is, some people tested car operators who were subjected to 20 popular artists while their “hazard perception” was being tested on the road. Higher scores meant greater levels of concentration.

It turned out to be true! When people listened to those artists, they had a higher concentration level. I mean, have you ever listened to Eminem’s Rap God and attempted to rap along with it? It takes some concentration! I find that I drive better when I listen to music too. Singing along as a way to concentrate keeps me in the zone!

For me though, I’d say any of Taylor Swift’s discography is usually my go-to. Especially something from Folklore or Evermore… almost feels like a learning lesson too with all the big words she uses LOL.

So, if anyone ever says that music is distracting, you may beg to differ!

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