New Taste Tuesday: Oreo Space Dunk

This one was truly… out of this world LOL. I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect with these Space Dunk Oreos, but as soon as I saw ” popping candy,” I immediately added them to my cart!

They’re the classic chocolate Oreo cookies filled with two layers of “cosmic flavored creme” aka pink and blue marshmallow flavored icing. They also have space themed designs including a Telescope, Astronaut, Stargaze, Shooting Star and Rocket. Now, the thing that sets them apart? The icing has popping candy in it!

With the first bite, I wasn’t getting any of the popping candy, it kinda just tasted like a normal Oreo with a fluffier icing. The taste wasn’t anything overly amazing, but they were for sure an experience more than anything. Once I finished the cookie… I could just feel/ hear ALLL the popping. It was very weird. I’m so happy I tried these. I will for sure finish the rest of them!

If you try them, please tell me what you think! This is truly the most interesting cookie I’ve ever come across in my life.

Make sure to check out everything that went down with Kierstyn and Space Dunk Oreos on New Taste Tuesday! You can find it on any of the Play socials. Go check it out!

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