Wallen & Postie: The Musical Tease That Set the Internet Ablaze!

Morgan Wallen and the illustrious Post Malone – let’s call him Postie for the sake of coolness – have graced us with a snippet of their musical collaboration. Last week, Postie decided to bless the internet with a teaser of their new tune, sending fans into a frenzy akin to my 8 year old Ariel after I tell her we are going shopping!

This song isn’t exactly a newborn babe in the woods. Wallen, previously treated us to a stripped-down version of this piece back in the ancient era of late 2023. Oh, but like a Dua Lipa going Houdini, he deleted it, leaving fans more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles!

However, fear not, for the gods of music have bestowed upon us another chance to bask in the glory of this collaboration. Enter Postie, stage left, with a sassy remark dripping in sarcasm, saying, “Let’s go with the real mix this time @morganwallen,” accompanied by a crying laughing emoji.

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