New Taste Tuesday: Frozen Fruit Roll-up Grapes

I was tagged in a post on TikTok about frozen fruit roll-up grapes, and told to try them for New Taste Tuesday. I gave it a little watch and it actually looked like one of the coolest things!! I’m always down for something with a good crunch and this had that. I don’t normally splurge on grapes…. but I had to do it this time around LOL.

If you remember the fruit roll-up ice cream trend that went around, this is essentially the same thing with a “healthier” twist! It’s super easy too. You just roll up grapes in a little square of fruit roll-ups, then freeze them for a few hours until the grapes are frozen. BAM! You have a little sweet treat.

I actually feel like this was pretty good! I don’t think I will find myself eating it a ton. I definitely prefer the ice cream fruit roll-up trend that went around more, but this is a fun twist! If I can ever find an excuse to eat fruit roll-ups AND get grapes, I’ll do it. Something about it feels like something I would have LOVED as a kid.

You can find New Taste Tuesday up on any of the Play socials! Check it out, and let me know what you think.

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