Banana Oat Protein Bars (Tastes Just Like Banana Bread)

I discovered this recipe online last week and I’ve already made it twice. If you listen to the show you KNOW I can’t cook at all – so being able to nail this very VERY simple recipe feels great. It tastes even better.

If you have been wanting to up your protein and fiber, and you LOVE banana bread – this is the recipe for you! (Pssst it doesn’t contain any flour or white/brown sugar!!)

I have to give full credit to the creator who breaks down the steps so simply for her viewers. I had to follow her after being able to trust such a fantastic dish! It’s a breakfast staple now.

Here is the original video but I can write out the steps for you below! Enjoy!



1 Egg

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Protein Powder

Oat Milk (or any non dairy milk) I use the silk vanilla oat milk

Rolled Oats


Baking Powder

Peanut Butter (optional)

(not shown in video but I also add chocolate chips plus a touch of salt)


Pre-heat oven to 350F

Mix 2 ripe bananas (I used 3 and don’t regret it)

Add in one cup of oat milk

One egg

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract


Add in dry ingredients:

1 1/2 cups of rolled oats

2 1/2 cups of protein powder

pinch of salt and cinnamon

2 tsp baking powder

chocolate chips

ADD DRY TO WET. Put in lined pan then top with more cinammon, plops of peanut butter to swirl around


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