Play Picks – Kierstyn’s Weekly Movie/ TV Show Recommendation: Parks and Recreation

 Let’s chat about tv shows or movies you’ve been loving! The weekend is coming up quickly so it’s good to have a little watch list of things.

The big one I finally got through is Parks and Rec! I made it to about season 3 before it was taken off Prime Video. A few months later, it popped up on Crave! So I started watching it again. It’s so fun! It’s a sitcom, an older show, and kinda reminds me of The Office! I mean, It is from the same creators, so if you liked the office then I think you’ll like this!

A little rundown: “Parks and Rec is surrounded around the wild lives of an Indiana town’s public officials as they pursue projects to make their city a better place. Both in their workplace and in their personal lives”

If you want something that you can’t just sit back, shut off your brain and watch, I think this could be it!

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