A.I Streaming Platform Allows Users To Create Own Content

There was a Black Mirror episode about this – do we all remember how that turned out!? LOL

Fable the studio behind the viral AI generated South Park clips has announced a streaming platform that allows users to create their own content. It’s the Netflix of AI.

Its called showrunner (super clever) and the user creates prompts and then watch ai generated animated episodes or content!

This will be fun for people who want to feel like creators, but will they get bored? There’s a reason some people are creative masterminds of movies and television and other people are better at numbers, fashion or sports.

It might be a great way for people to realize how much work that goes into creating something good, though. With attention spans people will get bored really quick. Some of our listeners think this will push actual writers to try harder, too.

What are your thoughts?

Also – with how limited some platforms are for sharing content or rights of pictures and videos that are owned by others, this could limit access to lots of creativity. I guess we will see!

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