When Life Hacks Go Too Far

Ever stumbled upon a life hack that seemed like pure gold? There’s an entire website dedicated to life hacks, and they’ve just released a list of their top 54 things we should all know!

Given the fact that high school grads and post secondary convocations are right around the corner, you’d think there ought be some gems in there for the future adults of Canada!

The list kicks off with some practical gems, like how to dress right and fry an egg—simple, useful stuff. But as you scroll further, things start to get a bit… intense. Suddenly, you’re expected to lift your own body weight, master the art of negotiation, detect lies, and my personal favorite—defend yourself against single and multiple assailants.

This list starts out with great tips for anyone moving out of their parents’ place but ends up sounding like you’re prepping to become the next Jason Bourne!

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