Things That Happened Last Time A Canadian Team Won The Cup

It’s been 30 years since a Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup. Here’s a list of things that happened in 1994 that will blow your mind.

Top 7 Things You’ll Be Blown Away Are Also Celebrating Their 30 Year Anniversary

7. Pizza Hut Became The First Restaurant To Offer Online Food Ordering. This launched in California! They paved the way!

6. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos. *add to cart*

5. Kurt Cobain’s Death. The huge star died at the age of 27.

4. Justin Bieber Was Born. He’s accomplished so much since – what a career!

3. Tonya Harding’s Attack On Nancy Kerrigan. If you haven’t seen Margot Robbie portray her in I,Tonya it’s a must watch!

2. Dumb and Dumber Came Out and we all became more immature because of it

1. The Juice Was On The Loose! This was the year that O.J was on the news in his Ford Bronco. He then went on to pretty much invent Reality TV with his court being broadcast on National Television

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