Things We Immediately Think Of On International VCR Day

It’s sad to think that kids these days will never understand the pure joy of renting movies from a store. Taking turns putting in different movies and the pain of being ready to start a movie and seeing the last renter didn’t rewind it. Let’s count down the Top Things We Think About When We Hear The Term VHS

Your one rich friend who had all the Disney movies ever – bonus points if they were displayed in alphabetical order

The random coloured VHS tapes (specifically Harriot The Spy and the Rugrats Movie

Blockbuster Snacks

The absolute smoke show who always worked at the local video store was a suggestion from Ryder but for me personally, it was always an older dorky dude. lol.

The old double decker. Movies like Braveheart and Titanic that you needed TWO TAPES for

The back room. If you know, you know.

and of course the classic line….. Be kind and rewind.

Happy International VCR Day

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