Apple’s New AI Feature Might Save More Than Just My Life

Apple is gearing up for, who is usually out to gouge us whenever and wherever they can, is helping us out for free this time, with another major iPhone update set to roll out in September, and they’ve just given us a sneak peek at what’s in store. Among the exciting new features, you’ll find the ability to remove people from the background of photos and a sleeker display. But the biggest addition? ChatGPT is teaming up with Siri!

With this AI integration, Siri will now be able to make suggestions, help schedule your day, remember plans from your texts and calendar, and even assist with sending texts. That last feature is a real lifesaver! No more forgetting plans my wife mentioned six times—AI will have my back. And if I do forget, I can ask AI to craft the perfect apology text to smooth things over.

This update might just save my marriage!

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