play 101 presents: 4K Play Day!

We want to know what you would buy with a $4 thousand dollar shopping spree! From July 2 to August 14th, You are invited to the participating businesses to enter your name to qualify to win a $4K Play Day however you want to spend it at any of the participating businesses!  

Listen to play mornings with Mark and Jess July 8 – August 15th around 8:05 am. If your name gets called, you have 10 minutes and 13 seconds to text us back with the phrase “4K play day” to 403-314-4487 to qualify to win the GRAND PRIZE!

The Grand Prize Winner will be randomly selected and announced during play mornings with Mark and Jess on August 16th!

On shopping spree day, the winner will be accompanied by play personalities and the shopping spree will be shared on social media!

Participating Sponsors:

Each person is allowed one entry per day at each of the four sponsor locations.


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